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How This Will Benefit Masters And Subs!_________________________________________________________________________


I have had a discussion with King, and the idea of a forum/message board may be a few steps closer to reality. This idea of mine originally started with a poll with slightly over 71%.This would be a project I’d be funding. The forum/message board would be beneficial to Slaves AND masters and I will explain why.

Financial Domination is a form of BDSM. However there are subs who come on here into BDSM and not into financial domination. This frustrates ALOT of masters as we dedicate our time to genuine subs into the fetish of findom. If you’re not into financial domination then you shouldn’t be here. There is a site called fetLife for non financial BDSM.

Why a forum is beneficial For Masters:

A lot of the chat room is filled with subs that just lurk around and never tribute. (There are many reasons and I’ve gone over that in previous blogs. I’ll post links at the bottom if you’re interested in why many don’t which is about “Time Wasters.”)

 A lot of them take up space in the chat when they just want to ramble about their BDSM fantasies and chat with slaves alike. The chit chat is good to keep a conversation going, but sometimes there are too many conversations going at once. Some of the topics talked about would be best enjoyed on a much needed addition to the site.

A skilled dom gets frustrated with subs are not truly into financial domination. The chat room would take priority for subs who truly want to serve at that moment while the chatters stay on the forum. I personally have noticed that the “dungeon” is where most drains happen openly.

Scanning the forum and seeing what a slave is into is a benefit to all masters.You watch lurking subs and read what they talk about, Masters can watch their own subs and how they act and think mentally.  Its easier to get a slave into sub space if you have a rough idea of what they are into. This DRASTICALLY will reduce time wasters that contact you on if you know who they are. If they seem erratic or don’t mention their own ideas of financial domination on the forum, you can better gage if they are going to just talk your ear off.

A moral code on this site states that a master can’t touch another slave unless given permission. This can be difficult even if the slave doesn’t say anything. A board just for ownership would eliminate so much problems with this. For example If someone says they want to be owned by you, make them show devotion by posting to the “Owned” section.”

There is a forum for just about EVERY femdom site. Femdoms outnumber us by 70%. We may operate differently being men, but perhaps its time to change our game a bit. We can bring more traffic and make Dominants.Co the #1 Place to be! It’s a great place to be already, but we can make it BETTER!

Why A Forum Is beneficial for Submissives:

Let’s be honest, the newsfeed is great for updates to new content such as videos, blogs, and pics. However there are so many things on the newsfeed that it sometimes feels cluttered. I respond to subs who comment and my stuff, and it makes it worse when I’m trying to be interactive rather then show off my body. Not only that but not everyone is going to see everything going on unless they are watching 24/7. (Wouldn’t be surprised if some did…) Many times there are so many posts that by the next time you log in you’ll miss stuff that may have interested you.

Masters may post threads about what ever they talk about such as who they fucked over, what they’re about, and how they think mentally rather then a few sentences on a photo uploaded through the newsfeed. I know many of you are cautious and lurk because you’ve been screwed or are just curious. Heading into a chatroom can be very intimidating especially for subs just curious about getting cash fucked. Those who are new can enjoy a network where being part of the scene makes the setting more comfortable and free.

Sometimes you wish to talk to someone who understands how you feel. This is more common when masters move on or become “busy” when you need a form of “aftercare.” You can post a comment in the newsfeed, but will be eventually swamped by other posts in the process. Another sub or master who cares won’t always see that. A forum is great for a thread about how you are feeling inside. That thread will STAY there in plain sight for others to see and comment at anytime. You can be very happy and want to embrace your experience. Perhaps you spent too more then intended and are feeling negative emotions. Someone can respond and give advice with a simple comment that stays in plain site. Whats going on in the forum wouldn’t even appear in the newsfeed, clearing up space.

For example someone posted songs from youtube, which normally on other sites is talked about in “Off Topic” section of a forum/site. Something like that has NOTHING to do with findom.  Off topic sessions are always a lot of fun. I’ve been a moderator for a forum run by Warner Bros. records and have a history of how forums operate. An off topic thread like “What Song Are You Listening To” makes it more fun to stay on the site and just have fun.

Are you nervous and too afraid to step into chat right away? Explore the forums.


A personals section can help some post if anyone is in their area for real times, also with threads with subs stating what they want in a master. Again this helps gage the dom’s perspective of how they think and how to cater to their fetishes.

Yes in headspace slaves are made to serve, but the reality is that the cash starts with the subs. Deep down they have full control at the end of they day. They can choose to stop serving at any second. Just because you control their paypal, bank account, or anything else, a slave can still change access if they really wanted to.

Not all slaves are good at communicating during a real time section… and the forum itself gives a safe place to talk as much as you want to your hearts content.

Example Of possible boards on the forum

Cash Domination Boards

Introductions/Introduce Yourself

Warnings Of Time Wasters
General BDSM Chat
“Owned” Section
After Care and Venting
Experiences and stories
Off Topic/ The Tavern
Site Feedback/News/Suggestions

The forum section would likely have another button on the left with polls, videos, blogs, fag tax wheel, ect.

THIS CAN HAPPEN! Please like and leave comments and most importantly, send a message to King that this DOES interest you regardless if you’re a master or slave.



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great idea Sir! Too often someone is written off as a lurker or a time waster because there hasn't been any conversation over what has motivated them to want to be part of the community. They may well be looking for something more long lasting than a one time drain. The forum could be a great wa...View More
Excellent idea, Sir. Chat is so hit-and-miss when trying to connect, and the newsfeed simply is not very interactive. I am definitely in favor of a forum.
Thanks for your support!