by on April 21, 2019

In a nice change of plans I enjoy a “New Leatherboy Initiate”.

I texted Jordan, a handsome young man I met off an app, this evening and we talked about our days, I invited him to hang with me this weekend and unfortunately he was a tad busy, however he was free at the moment.  Now I had already offered my night to someone else that I had not met before, however this individual had not responded in two hours or texted me at all that entire day (signs I have found that 90% of the time lead to a flake), so I decided if that guy wasn’t going to treat my time respectfully, he wasn’t worth the wait and eventual disappointment.

I told Jordan to meet me at a local place to get to know each other and we could go from there, he showed up right when he said he would and we enjoyed a short conversation before he followed me back home.  Much cuter in person, I was eager to make him smile.

I took him down to the Fox Den, we played a few rounds of a game before he said he was interested in playing some other games.  I got my rope and bandannas out, and on a whim I grabbed another leather jacket in my closet and threw it on him.  Wow.  Yes, he wears it very well, definitely want him in gear next time!

Blindfolded him, gagged him, tied his wrists and ankles, lay him down on my lap and let him take it all in.  He really enjoyed the sensation of helplessness, I pulled on my leather cop gloves and clamped my palms over that sweet mouth of his he moaned beautifully and sank deeper into subspace, I throbbed and rose higher into Domspace.  After a while he was eager to serve, I grabbed the kneeling mat, ungagged him, pulled off his blindfold, and he showed me how nice his cocksucking skills were. 

We soon moved into my bedroom and stripped him nude, recalling how good he looked in leather I put him in one of my favorite harnesses, the one with the two lines of square pyramid studs, and it fit him beautifully.  Re-tying his hands behind him, I edged him on my bed and we talked gear, kinks, and possibly exploring gunge together.  When he began begging to shoot I granted his wish and worked his dick until he busted a very generous load all over his chest! Very nice! We basked in his afterglow before I followed suit and shot my own load as I enjoyed kissing the boy deeply while stroking my manhood.

We cleaned up, untied, got dressed, and I saw him off with an open offer of overnight stays in the future.

A lovely young man, definitely needs to be on my leash at a bar, he looks fantastic in a collar!

Play Safe Dear Reader.