by on April 21, 2019

HELP! Mike Cash stuck a candle up my ass lit it, and made me sing Happy Birthday on video. I agreed I wanted blackmail but now I am a prisoner in my own home! HE is making money streaming live video feeds abusing me. videotaped me for hours even is setting up an account so I have to blow some locals sort of locals well. I wanted this, and enjoy it but the anxiety, and pressure has me unhinged! I have been drinking to stay calm and in the moment. But no sleep. He shit on me and it was like 10 inches. He will post when he goes back home and sell my videos. Wants to sell my information but nobody will buy, right? So my fellow fags or subs whatever you call yourselves what do I do? I paid got what I wanted but I thought this was a roleplay. Once it became more realistic the fun ended. Now is there any going back? He is just evil right? He has copies of my drivers license, social security card, family, and friends information, set of keys to my home well one of my homes, and my truck. So I pay him to abuse me, and he will not even look at me when I eat or sit down, and eat with me. Just using me. Also you Dominant men don't you get anything sexual out of this? He is just psychologically draining me well financially in the past so I have near to nothing on that part. So am I free when he leaves? Nobody will buy my blackmail videos or pay for my information he is deranged right? So who will support me that we have rights? I wanted a Master to be in this sexually. So any of you in this for the old school sexual aspect or is this just a control, domination, cash humiliation thing?