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This is a horse of a different color, and contains My first of two male heterosexual subs I’ve drained and humiliated. He wasn’t my sub, but the cash pig of MistressGold,  pimped out to me for her pure sadistic amusement.


MistressGold was a friend of mine I had met at a fetish BDSM party. She was hot I must admit. She was dressed in black leather with a leather mask covering her face and holding a leather whip. She had dark red lipstick, which stuck out with all the black she wore. Long blonde hair halfway down her back. Not knowing anybody and being drunk n stoned (and thinking she was hot) I went over and said hello.


“Hello nice evening, Love your boots they’re really shiny. What brand?” She turned her head quickly facing me and slapped the whip inches from my face and hitting the wall behind me making a loud popping sound. I was intimated as I did NOT expect that. I heard a loud Yelp. I turned around to see a man with deep red lined marks all over his face. I thought she had hit the wall but she had whipped this man behind me that I didn’t see.


I turned back to her with my heart racing due to being caught by surprise. I didn’t know if she had aimed at me. She snickered at the man behind me who had a chain around his neck and a long rope attached to it. He was shirtless in just his boxers. She walked passed me and grabbed the rope, tugging him like a dog on a leash. She looked at me. “So did you want to talk to me?”


"Oh was just saying you’re pretty and that I like your outfit." She then smiled and asked if I was a sub. I told her I was actually Findom and had come to check out the BDSM smash as I had never been to something like it before. “Oh really hon, so am I. Well the correct term is femdom. I’ve Been in the scene 12 years.”


We had talked about the male dom scene as she asked me what the scene on the other side was like. She laughed when I told her about guys flexing their muscles and spewing a bunch of homophobic rhetoric. “Men are fucking pigs in my eyes. Those retards think they know what their doing? No wonder why we outnumber fucking PIGS!” I didn’t know how to respond “Oh if they heard that they’d say some shit to you.” She glared at me with some angry eyes I had never seen on ANY woman. “Oh babe they touch me i’ll fucking slice em. A woman loves to use rape claims and battery to her advantage! I’m a cold hearted cunt and I say that gladly!”


She spit on the face of her slave and looked at me again. “Doesn’t it bother you all those straight guys talking shit like that? Thats not domination babe thats just playing on some fetish of what you can’t have.” She hit the nail on the head, “Oh I agree. Whats your name?” “I’m Mistress Gold, thats all you need to know. Wouldn’t you just love to take out your frustration? He’s 100% straight and I have his wife’s phone and Facebook. He would NEVER deny me my joy of instilling misery!”


She reached in her purse and pulled out a spiked whip. “KYLE! GET ON YOUR KNEES VARMIN!!” She yanked on the chain and asked If I wanted to smash him in the balls. I got excited as this woman was offering to let me abuse her slave. Thinking of all that built up anger I smirked. Without hesitation I lifted my hightops with full force hearing a blood curdling scream seconds after I made contact. I noticed my shoe had made contact with a hard object along with his nuts. She informed me he was in full chastity.


She pulled out a Japanese styled fan only it was metal instead of paper. She casually fanned herself and handed me the spiked whip. She turned to me again drunk on power. “This is what I’ll slice those pigs with you tell me about if they talk back to me. Women run this world and all men WILL bow down before me!” He looked up at her as he got on his knees “Yes mistress, you are a Goddess, the most beautiful woman in the world.” She whipped him across the chest from the side quickly with sharp aim. “PLEASE MISTRESS I BEG YOU!”


Everyone was now staring at us. Masters and mistresses were doing all kinds of horrible things to their subs, but this took the cake! Both a femdom and findom were abusing one man together. With instinct of abusing my male slave I got into my own sadistic headspace and whacked him 3 times in a row causing him to scream as everybody watched. The bartender looked amused and laughed behind the counter. MistressGold pulled out a roll of thin rope and grabbed a bag that Kyle had brought. Out of his bag she pulled out 4 wooden pegs, a paddle, and a dildo. “Use your imagine MasterHawk!”


She sat on a chair made to look like a throne, obviously to match the theme. I followed her dragging kyle across the floor as he struggled to catch his breathe. As she sat on her royal throne fanning herself I turned to kyle and untied the rope. She looked at me curious as to what I was doing. I finished untying the rope and decided to do to him what i did with my gay male slaves. I tied the rope to the lock on his chastity decide. She clasped her hands with excitement. “PERFECT! FUCK HIM UP!!”


He looked at her “Mistress why are you doing this? I don’t serve men I don’t swing that way…” She took out a glittery pink phone and snapped a photo of me holding his cage by the leash. “Well PIG thats not what your wife will say if she sees this.” He looked down and said, “Yes Ma’am!” I faced him, “PUT YOUR HANDS UP FUCKING BREEDER!!!” Being called a derogatory name because of being str8 was something he wasn’t used to as his face went red with embarrassment. MistressGold laughed sipping her Martini and continuing to take photos. “Kyle, You don’t want me exposing you as a faggot to your wife now? OBEY MASTER HAWK!”


“I’m not a faggot Mistress.” He put his hands to his face and began to cry, never feeling so humiliated in his life. I whipped him across the face making him cry out in agony once again as the room got silent minus the dub-step playing in the building. I tied two wooden pegs to his hands with the rope she had taken out of kyles bag. She walked over and grabbed the leash and tugged at his balls till he fell down face on the floor. He told her he was seeing stars until I whipped him across the back. “SHUT UP FUCKING BREEDER NOBODY ASKED HOW YOU FEEL!!” Mistress Gold snickered loudly taking more photos.


He looked up at me in misery, “Yes sir.” This was a rush I had never felt before. I was in another world with the freedom to be as evil as I wanted. I tied the other 2 begs to his bare feet and took down his boxers, exposing his caged clit and his muscular ass. Kyle wasn’t bad looking if he didn’t have all those marks on him. He was your typical body builder type you’d see at the gym. Nice six pack covered in deep red marks. Seeing that six pack I whipped him on his balls. He had tears in his eyes as I pulled him by the hair and said to get up and crawl around. I laughed and told him how fucking PATHETIC he was.


I told him to crawl around the bar and kiss the boots of every man in the room. He looked horrified but crawled around slowly like a fucking moron, not being able to stand up. Me and Gold talked for a bit as she told me how he made 6 figures a year owning his own law firm. She pointed her whip to the ATM in the corner. I looked at her with a smile on my face knowing what was running through her head. I had the most evil Idea and decided we should drain his bank account in front of everyone. “Great minds think alike Kris!”


He was crying as a male dom was laughing at him and spit on his face. I shouted to him that he’s a fucking breeder that needs to be put in his place. Obviously this master wasn’t str8 either as he kicked him in the balls with his other boot as his other was being licked clean. Kyle fell off the pegs an landed on his chest and stomach moaning in pain. I then Grabbed the leash on his cock cage and dragged him across the floor as he screamed bloody murder. “PLEASE SIR ILL GET BACK UP!!” I gave him a break and told him to crawl with us.


She took out another phone from her purse, “Oh this is kyle’s phone I hold onto it.” She turned on her phone and set it on the table next to hers. She opened her purse again and pulled poppers out. I was shocked as I thought that was only something Gay/bi subs did. “Oh Kris of course str8 men don’t use these, but HE does as it pleases me!” She put the poppers to his nose and motioned for me to stand in front of the atm. She took a wallet from her purse and laughed telling me even though the wallet had his ID, he knew deep down who that wallet TRULY belonged to. “He works for ME! He hasn’t taken his wife out in years because of me.”


She pulled out his debit card and handed it to me. I looked at him kicking him in the face and asked for his pin number. He didn’t hesitate as his Mistress was shaking her phone in her hand. “Kyle I wouldn’t disobey If I were you. You do as Master Hawk says!” Being drunk on power I pulled down my jeans and told him to suck my dick. He cried and shook his head begging not to. She walked over whipping him across the back multiple times till he was marked up.


He crawled towards me as I bent my knees to give him access. She held her metal fan against the back of his neck and told him to not get any funny ideas. He opened his mouth as I slid the card in placing the first 3 inches of my thick 8 inch cock in his mouth. Tears formed in his eyes as I punched in his pin number from pure excitement. Being a standard ATM the limit per withdrawal was 200. I smacked him across the face. “DEEP THROAT MY COCK FUCKING BREEDER!” He said nothing going down farther as MistressGold laughed and said “YES YES YES!!! Oh what JOY AND FUN!!” She kicked him with her spiked boots under his belly as his chest looked just pure destroyed from getting beaten and physically abused.


I put the card in again and grabbed the back of his head with my other hand, forcing him to gag on it. She whipped him again telling him not to bite my dick or she WOULD send the photo she had just taken of him sucking my dick. I pulled out another 200, and then another 100, reaching his $500 withdrawal limit. I was getting close to cumming. Gold walked by with her perfume invading my nostrils close to me whispering in my ear seductively and asked if I had a paypal or venmo. I told her I had both and then she handed me his phone with the venmo  app open. “Take whatever you want!”


Using Venmo I fucked him out of 1 grand. She looked over at me and by surprised she kissed me on the cheek. “You’re a cutie. Tell you what lets go to the motel down the street…But do that again!” While she instructed Kyle to put his clothes back on I sent myself 2 grand. I spit on the lame fucking breeder informing him I rinsed his ass out of $3,500.



When we got to the motel she tied his arms to the headboard face up on the bed and pulled the dildo out of her purse and sucked on it. I couldn’t tell if she was teasing me, but this was the most dominant person I had EVER met male or female. She pulled out some KY Jelly and coated the dildo. She pointed to the bed, “Go sit on him and have your feet worshiped and bury his face in them!” DAMN this woman was a natural!! Despite my role as a dom I found myself doing something simple she asked. WOW


I sat on top of his crotch and chest I took off my higtops, placed my soaked socked feet on his face as he gagged in disgust. He had only serviced the feet of a Mistress. “SUCK THE SWEAT OUT OF SOCKS FUCKING CUNT!!” His eyes were puffy from crying as he sucked on my no show Vans socks. She whipped him across the balls again. “SUCK THE SWEAT OUT OF A MANS FEET!!”


He sucked the sweat out hearing the sounds of juice being sipped. She proceeded to shove the dildo up his ass without warning as he screamed in pain with my socked feet in his mouth. She picked up her phone and was messing around with his checking account. I told him to take my socks off with his teeth as she did a bank transfer of 10 Grand. He had been rinsed of 13 grand in one night.


He was sniffing my bare size 12s knowing what was expected. I told him to suck on my fucking toes as Mistress handed me his phone to fuck him over harder. She was pimping out her cash slave to me and I was loving every moment. “EAT MY TOE JAM FUCKING LOSER.” His puffy eyes showed misery but excitment as he began to swell in his cage as I felt the cage bob up and down under my ass. This was the MIND FUCK of a century!


I had a more cruel Idea as I got off of him and pulled my jeans off completely. She smirked at me, “OH KRIS DO IT!! FUCK HIM!!!” She pulled the dildo out and told him to lift up his legs for me. “NO MISTRESS NO!!!” She picked up both my socks that had fallen on the floor and stuffed them in his mouth. She whacked him again, “SHUT UP FUCKING PIG!!! PIG!!”


I pointed my dick at his hole as he moaned. Being drunk on the liquor and pure power I pounded the shit out of him with his legs up as i use my hand to stuff the socks deeper into his mouth. Gold Stood on the bed. She placed one leather boot on his face and one on his caged cock while my dick was inside him. She stood on him full weight to where it sounded like he couldn’t breathe. “YES MISTRESS DESTROY ME!!!!”


He forgot I was wrecking his hole as I grabbed the phone Gold had given me. I sent myself another grand on paypal this time as I exploded in him as he cried, “I love you Mistress, My GODDESS. You’re MORE TO ME THEN MY WIFE.” She pointed to her phone propped up recording everything. I pulled out with cum dripping out of his ass as I sat on the floor coming out of headspace and back down to earth. She looked at the phone recording and laughed, “Good to know I’m more precious then your wife!”


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damn--2 doms completely destroying a loser sub
OH YES. His body was beaten n abused
Fucking hot !
Yes the experience of it was even better. Never saw him again but I did see her. Interesting how he never used the safeword. Apparently he got off on the humiliation of being forced to do things he felt disgusted by.