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Note: This is not something I’d do unless a sub was into it. Only have done something similar to this one other time, which will be blogged about in the future. Communication and safe words were used the entire time. I hope nobody gets the wrong idea as I would NEVER do this to someone without them asking for such control loss. Some are ACTUALLY into this!!! 



When I was 14, I had built my own first computer. My mother had taught at Chicago State University before that when I was little. She would bring me to the computer lab while she had her classes on days that I had off from school. There on my own, I learned what a Bios was to a windows computer. I figured out how to reinstall windows 95 over and over.

Getting on with the main part of this older experience, Josh had contacted me in 2017 while “searching for masters on Skype.” I was playing my Nintendo Switch when I got a message that just said Hello. I got that notification that someone added me as a friend. I asked how his evening was and what made him decide to contact me. “I search all the time on Skype for masters. Love your profile pic.” I typed back, “what type of domination are you looking for.” I waited for a minute until I saw him typing something.

“Financial pretty much. I’ve met some off of twitter and on here but I always find stuff boring. Had one guy take control of my computer. Just changed my desktop background and drained me small amounts here and there.” I typed back “what turns you on about that?” There was a pause and a photo of him sent holding up his passport. “Its dangerous… and idk just the rush of not knowing whats going to happen. I’d like to do it again but do something more fun.”

“Well yes it IS Very dangerous! What did you have in mind.” He typed back for a minute once more. “I saw in a chat on ****** about how this one master used team viewer and look over the computer.” I then realized this was a legit sub and I didn’t get a sense of a time waster. “Are you on dominants?” “No sir just ******.”

“Oh Dominants is where I’m at. Don’t do much with twitter.” He typed back again, “Do you use team viewer? I want to lose control of my computer to where I can’t change my mind. I’m a doctor so you can rob me hard.”

After talking for an hour he finally gave me his ID and Password. He also gave his his phone number as we talked on the phone. I was logged in to find a black desktop Windows 7 with no apps. He has obviously made a separate account. He had his paypal, Facebook, and Bank Account open. Wow he was taking a risk, he didn’t even know me! Although I created the safe word, he said he didn’t need one but would use it if he felt he had to. “I want you to hurt me sir. I deserve to be fucked over Sir.”

“Are you ready to be fucked over?” I moved his mouse around the screen in circles as I heard a sigh of lust on the phone as he was breathing, not saying a word. I went into his device manager, shutting off his keyboard by disabling it. “I’m sending you a trojan virus… how does that sound?” “Oh fuck sir do whatever you want!!”  Using teamviewer his screen went completely dark. I could hear him turning his monitor on and off again but the had the same results of a black screen. I used sub7 to transfer a laced photo after breaking it down to like a million pieces, scanning whatever set off virus protection and piecing it back together.

I could hear him jerking off. He was getting off on this for sure! I was hard myself having all this power in my hands. He wanted me to do whatever I want as he told me how beautiful I was. “You’re a god sir, you rule my life!” I heard the sound of poppers again.. how typical.

Going in his computer I told him to sniff his poppers and give me the password to his admin password. He just told me while jerking off faster making me realize i needed to cash fuck the shit out of him soon. “ROB ME LIKE A CROOK SIR!! BREAK INTO MY HOUSE AT NIGHT!!!” *Sniff Sniff* I screamed at him on the phone, “STOP TOUCHING YOUR FAGGOT CLIT. I NEVER GAVE YOU PERMISSION!!!”

There was a sigh of shock mixed with the sound of arousal. “You’re right sir. I should ask. I’ll cage myself in my CB 6000 Sir.” I could hear stuff moving around and a clicking sound. He sent me a pic of his locked cock. Perfect.  I then proceeded to restart his computer using tools on my screen, no longer needing team viewer.

His computer started up, and I then typed in his admin and password. “Can you see the screen?” After 5-7 seconds of sniffing, “No sir.” I logged into his main account and then changed the password to the his admin account as his computer connected online before he was signed in. Using sub7 I broke into his security protection and shut it off. I found his paypal password and told him I was fucking him hard as I sent myself $200.

“I can hear the notification on your phone sir.” I told him not to look at the texts coming in. “I would never sir. I told you I want to lose control.” I installed a keystroke stroke software telling him I would be watching everything he did and revoke all privacy. “Please don’t ask me to use the safe word I LOVE BEING STUPID!” After the software was installed I sent myself $400 knowing full well he made 6 figures a year. I started grabbing my own dick feeling this intense headspace putting me in another universe of perfection and superiority. I could do WHATEVER I want to this man as he let me inside his wallet with open legs.

“Whats going on sir?” I laughed into the phone telling him his computer was locked out and will be unlocked in a week. He was told to keep his computer on even though the screen was showing nothing but pitch blackness other then the light reflection.  I didn’t bother with doing a bank transfer having different banks. It woulda taken more time and broken the mood as I could hear his breathing get faster. I Sent myself $1000 this time. I heard a gasp, clearly he looked at his phone. “Thats so fucking hot sir!! Thank you for robbing me of $1600 sir!!” I told him to unlock  his cage and jerk off now.

I laugh in the phone, informing him his computer has been seized under my control. If he had to use it, he would have to call me to enable his display settings again. He moaned loudly as I could hear the fapping sounds develop the sound of a watery sound, he was obviously blowing his load.


I sent myself another 2 grand and told him “YOU’VE BEEN RINSED YOU FUCKING MORON!!!”


Read The Sequel!!!




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wow, that is hot to read, i dream about loosing control, also over my pc. but i also fear it. but you sound a very responsible Master by doing this. very hot.
If you have this fantasy, be VERY CAREFUL. This guy just happened to take a risk. There will be a sequel eventually. I would have never hurt him. Safe word was established and everything.
your a great Master, a slave can trust you.
That’s sweet, but never assume what anyone tells you until you know them. Many Slave’s make that mistake. But yes Slaves can trust me.
dangerous, yes. Totally hot--definitely