by on April 19, 2019

Favorite One I've Done So Far!!






One Sad Day
You’ll Cry and whine
And You will know your cash was,
meant to be mine


One Sad Day
You’re gonna quickly lose it all

Your feeble mind,
I’ll break inside,
And Your Fat Cunt Wallet,
will open wide
In your Bank you’ll let me,
Fuck deep inside


One Say Day
You’re gonna quickly lose it all


You Know I’m that kind of Man
That breaks you down
You’ll Be broke on poppers Faggot
Then Worship me
And All your walls will just, keep tumbling down


One Sad Day
Get paid once more
And You’ll come crawling back
Like You did before
One sad Day,
You’re gonna gladly lose it all


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you are a poet, hot to read, thank you very much!
My favorite parody ive done flowed nicely. Thanks!