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Mike has been a loyal sub for many many years. He’s a very special sub who understands the dynamics of financial domination. He is a true sub and I’m very happy to share my experiences with him. He still serves me 6 years later. This blog will mostly cover how we met and his slow intoxication to me. Over time I have become the greatest joy and addiction of his life. 




Over the last 4 years, I’ve made slightly over 35 grand on niteflirt. (Thats AFTER the fees were taken.) Ive been on there 5 years but my first year I didn’t do much with it the first year. I realized I should be selling my videos there, as many I made purely for fun. (Ive been gracious enough to upload a few here on dominants even though they’re all edited by 50%….) I see my video work of 10 years as a form of art, which is why Ive gotten so much glowing feedback for my creativity. And thats exactly what mike said after buying videos for 2 years and never calling or sending me a message.


He had seen videos of many sorts and enjoyed each and every one. He had purchased all videos (the only ones I’m willing to share) that I had on the site. I currently have 168. Whenever a new video was released, Mike would buy it ALWAYS. I slowly started uploading videos regarding financial domination (I make many kinds as I enjoy having fun) and it was enough to break his shy personality and call me… on my financial domination line. A flirt on the site can have multiple listings. 


I remember getting the call right before I was going to bed as I hadn’t slept in 32 hours. Mike was very quiet and just said hello. I asked where he was and what he was into. I heard breathing for a while. He was paying $5 a minute but wasn’t hanging up the phone. Obviously this wasn’t my ignore line, so I asked if he was still there even though I heard the breathing. 


“Hello sir, I’ve never called a guy before. Your videos.. they’re so hot. I wish I could be under your feet sir.” This is something I hear all the time when getting calls. But Mike was giving off a vibe that seemed very unique. “I’m glad you like the videos. You are calling my cash drain line. Are you into financial domination?”


“I’ve fantasized about it sir. I pay boys on cam sites which always leaves me with little money left. I’ve purchased all your videos, sometimes twice because it turns me on to spend more.” At this point I got into my dominant head space and wanted to cash fuck the shit out of him. “Have you ever been mind fucked into loosing your cash just because?”


“Not really, but after seeing your videos of you robbing slaves you’re the only person that turns me on just by receiving my money. I’m fucked up in the head sir. I’ve been on the phone 10 minutes already.” I laughed feeling my natural personality be swept away by my sadist side.” “You’re that pathetic to where no man wants anything to do with you. You enjoy paying for the attention of men who are superior to your dumb ass. And you’re calling ME like a FUCKING MORON spending FIVE dollars a MINUTE. YOU IDIOT!”


“I AM an idiot sir. Can you hang up and double the rate sir?” I quickly ended the call and raised it to $10 a minute, realizing he had already spent $70 just by talking to me for 14 minutes. 7 minutes had gone by and I was starting to back out. But alas he did call back on my cash rape line eventually. “This is so hot sir. * I heard the sound of him sniffing poppers. I know the sound way too well. We talked for an hour until he eventually told me owned a bank. 


I told him about my experiences as he listened and asked all kinds of questions. At the time I had access to 3 bank accounts from hard core cash subs. (One just wanted their finances controlled and monitored not so much as being drained.) He seemed very interested and I could hear a different type of excitement in his voice. “I would let you watch my Facebook sir.” Like an idiot not knowing me he gave his email login and password. I didn’t do anything obviously as his fantasy was just to WATCH what he does. I listed off his family members, where he went to school, the name of his wife, ect. He was beating off furiouslysly as I heard flapping and him quietly uttering… “I’m so fucking stupid I’m so fucked up…”


The call went well, and as he came he sounded like a female horse getting fucked. We exchanged each others Skype and decided to talk again tomorrow. From that point on he would buy custom videos for insane prices and cam shows at $10-20 a minute while calling niteflirt and setting the phone down. 2 Years went by until he decided he hated paying his bills. Of course that was just beautiful for me to hear!


We had talked about our personal lives, dreams, politics, ect. He lived close so we had many realtimes before he moved away. There was much “aftercare” involved. I actually cared about him as a slave as he was an intelligent person. But when he was in subspace he was a broken man. All his walls come down and he puts his entire life in my hands. Intelligent as he was, I told him I was surprised what a fucking idiot he was for giving me his social security number. It was necessary to have all this info, as we switched his utilities into my name. It was easy to do as we both lived in the chicagoland area. 


We decided to pick a safe word we both agreed on, as he now gave me access to MY third bank account (man is he loaded.) He asked me to pay his bills using his money and managing his finances. This went on for months before we started talking about team viewer. He told me he was to shy to go on big sites because of horrible things he’s heard about the scene. (Cant blame him.)


This march of 2019, he decided he wanted to suffer in an erotic submissive way. “Sir I need to understand what it means to go without something. Anytime this month please cut my heat off without warning. Its warm enough to where I won’t freeze to death obviously. It was be such a hassle..”


We also decided for him to finally take a snapshot of his ID and social security number for my personal sadistic pleasures. He then told me how he hated his wife (oh here we go again) and said he was done with her. “I want to write you a message on niteflirt sir, tell you all my personal info and how I love you cash fucking the shit out of the cash faggot I am.” He did just that and told me to text his wife as the “innocent messenger just passing something along.” I had nothing to do with this, I was just informing her and telling her he paid me 2 grand to do so. 


I sent her the screenshot as she started screaming frantically. She cried and asked me if this was a joke. My human side kicked in and informed her that her husband was a homosexual and wasn’t happy. I told her nice things he DID say about her and things he appreciated. He told me she was still his best friend and I made sure to tell her that. I told her what his fetishes were (as he asked me to say them) and that there was nothing wrong that she did. I told her she was a wonderful woman and that I’m sorry about having to tell her.  (I didn’t tell him this conversation at all, as I wanted him to think I was this asshole he dreamt of so much. (I do have my moments.) I did advise her not to use that snapshot, as blackmail and defamation of character are criminally illegal. (She was rambling about going to his job.) I didn’t want to scar her even more letting her know that THEIR utility bills were being managed by me. She would have lost her mind, and she wasn’t the sub here.


Then came the day I called Nicor and had the gas shut off completely. How he dealt with his wife losing her mind I don’t feel like going further into. However she did ask why. “I’m sorry Maryanne but I’m a fucking faggot.” 


He is becoming my drone!

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You cjamged Mike's life for the better!
Yes I did. He’s living the life he’s fantasized about
Rev Mike
Awesome stuff! Real abuse. Keep that drone owned!
Wow. Very intense. Simply fantastic.
Glad you enjoyed ❤️