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Brooke, Spoiled Rich Party Girl.





This goes back to EARLY February of 2013. I was living with a roommate at the time and we would have all kinds of parties. Back then I used to do all kinds of crazy things. (When we’re young we think we’re invincible….) My roommate was actually an ex, but we were still really good friends. (It just didn’t work out.) I remember the night I met Brooke very well. She was dressed in. She was a GORGEOUS girl.

Now, I’ve had VERY few female subs, her being 1 of 5 over 10 years. I also find it more exciting when I think the sub is kinda hot themself. I’m picky with a lot of the subs I have but once in awhile I come across a good looking one. She was one WILD girl, but I hadn’t known any of that yet. She had huge boobs, probably double Ds (which I found out later I had guessed right.)

Over the years I learned that if you ever think you’re fucked up because of some fetish, DONT. People with perverted minds pass by you all the time. They can be family, friends, co-workers, and others close to you. Many can be into some morbid kinks just like you. Brooke is what you call a wild party girl, and you know what they say about those!

She approached me as I was playing Pokemon SoulSilver on my DS Lite. (God that thing is so old.) She sat down high on molly and said, “I’m so sorry to hear about yours and marks break up.” I was caught by surprise as I hadn’t known this girl. “That was like 2 months ago, but thanks for caring. Are you a close friend.?” She tossed her hair back and started digging in her purse for something.

She pulled out a fancy looking make up kit, not something your average girl has. And her purse did NOT look like some cheap purse you bought at walmart. I found myself staring at her and then she looked up. “I’m what you call a gate crasher hon. I just show up at parties.” I pointed to her purse and asked what kind it was. “It’s Parada. Just wanted to also say you’re cute and adorable as hell. I know Im barking up the wrong tree but just wanted to say hello. No we aren’t super close but I’ve known him two years. Ive seen you before but you’re always wasted. You’re usually DJing the parties here.” I looked at her and felt a flirty vibe, “who says you’re barking up the wrong tree? Im not gay hon.”

She sipped her drink and grabbed my crotch grabbing me surprise. Here was this girl jumping at a quick chance to get in my pants, kiss, WHATEVER. I didn’t care. I just wanted to take her into the room. “My My My ok! So now that you’re single I can ask what you’re doing tomorrow.”

She asked about where I worked and asked about how Playstation does stuff. She sat closer to me, almost all over me as I smelled the alcohol on her.  I then told her about Kris Hawk. Being drunk I just kept talking and talking. I was mentioning financial domination and she quickly moved back wide eyed. “A Friend of mine is a femdom, she really enjoys what she does. She doesn’t even have a regular job. Last months she drained like 20 thousand.”

I found it interesting she used the term drained as if she knew quite well. I hadn’t talked to a femdom before or knew of anybody who knew one. “I’m bisexual too, she’s dominated me. I’ve been cash drained by many women, but no man has ever been able to get to me. That actually sounds kind of hot. I also like the fact that you’re a foot dom as well. My ex bf used to come home from work and they’d smell really strong. He was very vanilla but would let me worship them. I wish he woulda beat me.” She told me this casually as she was reapplying her eyeliner.

I went back to her original question and told her I wasn’t doing anything tomorrow. I was no longer gonna work for sony anymore (and that i was off tomorrow) as I had found my footing online and in person having more then enough. She suddenly grabbed me by the hand and grabbed me by the hands. She was drunk and rolling hard on MDMA. “Come to the bathroom with me.”

She opened her purse and handed me a pill. “Hey one more time won’t kill you… and… I want you to abuse me in your room.” Caught by surprise I reminded her that its really not just my room anymore. “Don’t worry I already asked to borrow the bedroom for another guy earlier but he ended up leaving.” I looked at her, “am I a consolation prize lol.?” “No because If I had talked to you first I wouldn’t have given him a thought in my mind.”

Being drink and breaking my promise to myself, (was the last time I ever did it.. that night) took the pill she gave me. I liked her and wanted to be on her level. She sat on the sink and said with a quick face change. “SLAP ME.” I pulled her out of the bathroom since others were knocking to use the bathroom. Taking this girl by the hand I took her into the room. By the time we got in there I grabbed her by the hair and shoved her against a wall, slapping the shit out of her with my back hand. “Oh Baby FUCK ME UP.”

“SHUT THE FUCK UP. Just because DubStep is blasting through out the house doesnt mean nobody will hear that shit.” Her attitude had changed from this peppy girl to this little girl blue, as if she got dumped on prom night. I felt the roll kicking in not realizing how much had time had gone by. My common sense still being present I asked her what a good safe word was. “hmm how about bubblegum!” I put on a copy of “Dark Side Of The Moon” on my turntable to block out any sounds that may come from the room.

Putting her hand the her red face she blurted out “I love you for slapping my Mister. I am no lady, but a cum and cash slut. My daddy is a doctor and my mother is an attorney. My daddy knows Im a cash slut and go through thousands. He says whatever his little girl wants is what his little girl gets. It’s not my money its endless! I just love being robbed!” Now listening to this I’ve heard of rich families with just as many issues as lower and middle class americans. As bizarre as it was it still turned me on. So I smacked her across the face again. Caught by surprise and intoxicated she fell to the ground as her purse finally fell out her hands.

“Beat me mister. I’m a whore and a slut… a true woman knows her place and knows every man has a right to beat her. Take advantage of all my holes mister and rob my purse dry!” Knowing she was drugged I wanted to get in her mind and ask why she was into getting cash fucked. “When I used to walk to school these girls would beat me, tear my clothes and take things from me. My family has always been rich. Boys would take my purse in high school and I would have it filled on purpose. IDK something about the rush of feeling violated. Young girl whose purse has been taken by a cruel man. Im born to be a damsel in distress mister.”

I was feeling the rush of serotonin rushing through my body and rush of getting to beat on a woman without guilt or remorse. By instinct with my male subs and just going with the flow I casually stepped on top of her, her crotch grinding her her clit was and her boobs, which felt like cushions. “Cherry babe, take your shoes off.” I got off on top of her and sat on the bed. “Take them off with your teeth you fucking cash cunt.” She crawled on her hands and knees. “Yes Mister.”

She bit the bottom of my shoe with her teeth as instructed, using all her jaw muscles to remove my loosely tied jordans. She did the same with my other shoe and without hesitation buried her face in my socks I had been wearing for days. She moaned and asked If I had been DJing at night, responding with the last 5 nights and the same shoes. She sniffed my socks heavily as i grabbed her by the hair leaned forward and asked how she liked to get robbed. I kicked her breasts down to the floor again (where she belonged) and stood on top of her again repeating the question.

“All kinds of ways mister. I want to do what boys in high school did to me, but my pussy will squirt more all over your cash cock if you have a paypal.” I was taken a back hearing these terms come from her mouth, after all she had submitted to mainly female doms herself. So with my blurred vision from being on MDMA I managed to start up my computer and open the page. “May I please worship your cock mister.” She gave me her log in and password. I then grabbed her by the hair pushing her onto my cock with my shorts down as I filled her throat. She started to gag as I sent myself $500. I grabbed her by the hair using it as a joystick and spitting in her face. “You’re a fucking cum and cash slut you STUPID CUNT. DADDYS LITTLE GIRL IS A WHORE. She stopped slurping and moaned, “I’m a mindless cunt mister a woman has no place thinking in this world. FUCK MY PURSE HARDER!” I jumped on her pussy and tits a few times as she moaned loudly.

She dove back down and I sent myself $750. Her eyes looked up at the screen as she grabbed her pussy through her panties which was obviously getting her excited.

“A woman has no place having a job or holding onto money. A woman could never run this country either. Women are here to serve their man it says so in the bible.” She took off her top and stripped bare nude which was so quick and sudden I didn’t know how to respond. I was fucked up out of my mind at this point as the molly had fully kicked in. I wanted to fuck her more then anything at this point. I wanted to beat her to the ground and get off on making her scream. I didn’t care if anyone heard at this point.

I told her to get up and she jumped on the bed spreading her legs. “Every 15 thrusts should cost me $250 each set.” Not hesitating I dove right in, with the computer screen in front of us. Fucking her facedown really fast I typed in $250 and sent it as she watched with her eyes wide through the reflection of the screen. Brooke was in total subspace as I slapped her across the face from above her. Needless to say since I was rolling I finished quick mainly from the rush of draining $4,200 out of this girl. I had shot my load in her not caring if she was on birth control. She came at the same time and moan, “knock me mister, put your baby seed in me, women were designed to be bare foot and pregnant.”

We got dressed after stepping into the private shower in the bedroom and she seemed so happy and content, back to the same girl that had first come and talked to me. “There is still one thing I want to do, after we shower lets go take photos with everyone so people don’t think anything awkward.” I looked at her, “Really? you think nobody heard any of that?”

We went out and socialized and acted normal, even though people kept staring at us. Mark looked at me across the room fried out of his mind shaking his head and smiling. Brooke’s make up was gone and her hair wet, obviously she had taken a shower. She went into the bathroom and redid her face, as outside of subspace she was a feisty girl with vanity. We had walked around the party and as time went on everyone acted normal like nothing happened. They were too fucked up to care.

We took a photo together, fried out of her minds. My hair was all messed up (which explains the photo to the blog here.) We laughed and split another piece of molly in half. I asked her to dance and of course that is one of the most fun things to do when you’re rolling. After a half hour of mindless jumping around and making the most disturbing dance moves she took my hand to the side and told me to walk outside the apartment with her.

“Baby I want to go stand on a main road. I want you to beat me and rob my purse as I scream I’ve been robbed.” Hey she was blunt about what she wanted. I didn’t ask how much cash she had in her purse. After talking more about what she wanted I went back inside to grab some black winter gloves (didn’t have leather) and a black ski mask I had bought 2 years ago.

We walked outside quietly in the dead of night, must have been 4 in the morning If I remember correctly. I made sure to walk quietly far behind her to keep her fantasy more realistic. We walked down about half a mile until it was pitch dark. I walked away as she stood on the road looking frantic even though nobody was there. (She was putting herself into subspace as she hadn’t had her purse taken in years. She was already on cloud9 having a man rob her and actually enjoying it.)

I played with her mind and slowly stepped on twigs and sticks. She played the part well looking scared in the dim moonlight hidden by the trees. I quickly jumped out and put my gloved hands around her mouth as she screamed. I took out the knife she handed me and put it to her throat and told me to hand her the purse and she lives. “Please don’t hurt me mister, my daddy will pay you well! Just take my purse and don’t hurt me please.” I ran with her purse as she scream, “HELP! IM A DAMSEL IN DISTRESS!! A MAN JUST STOLE MY PURSE!!! She screamed she had been robbed as her voice drowned out as I got closer back to the house.

When I got back I took off the mask and gloves tucking them under my shirt so i could quickly put them back so I didn’t have any funny questions. I threw her purse in the trash (taking out IDs and important stuff as requested.) She came back acting normal asking if anyone had seen her purse. When I had gotten back I removed all $2400 in cash. Mostly $100 bills and some 20s n 50s here and there. She asked others to help her look for it while she winked at me. Everyone stopped what they were doing as she pretended to be horrified that her purse was missing. Meanwhile I sat on the sofa knowing I had rinsed this girl of $6,600.






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