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Slaves Are Human Too__________________________________





I’ve written something similar, this is more of a follow up. I’ve been doing some soul searching and observing my past experiences over 10 years. Having the luxury to understanding the dynamics on both sides, I understand commonly unspoken 101 rules of BDSM.


There are subs with low self esteem or addictive personalities that engage in highly risky behavior. A Master/Mistress communicates with his or her slave on a deep personal level and tries to understand why they want to engage in such behavior. If you sense that they are mentally disturbed don’t engage, thats called “dirty money.” If a master/mistress can go to sleep at night doing that go ahead, but I sure can’t. In my blogs of extreme experiences, that has been much communication that isnt written about, as it would throw off the balance of inspiring other slaves (and being as erotic.) Thats what these blogs are for.


When communicating with a submissive online, a dom should always remember that on the other side of the computer is a living breathing HUMAN BEING. Financial domination can be a safe fetish for subs all around. On a serious note we need to look around at look at why subs are dwindling or leaving the scene frustrated.


Not ONE sub has told me its because of non hetero masters, Just a few who have an obsession of fucking with me in chat. Not everyone has a “str8 boy fetish” like everyone else. Just like some str8 guys fantasize about a 3 way with two lipstick lesbians (so do i) its unrealistic and has a sense of “having what you cant have.”


The answers are always the same. Paying for something and not getting it, paying for a cam real time and somebody runs away, masters attacking eachother like high school girls being vicious to eachother despite being “men.”  They also complain about feeling like their master is not quite on the same level... and some feel like its a one way street. It should always be two ways, even in the fantasy/mindset that one is superior and one is worthless. 


BDSM is an unconscious agreement between two consenting parties. Its unstated that you want someone to hurt you that would never truly hurt you. When someone hurts you and its not a way you want to be hurt, thats not BDSM. Thats crossing a line. And when one does that I judge their integrity.


1.Always communicate if they tell you are feeling a certain way. Have empathy and LISTEN. If you can mind fuck a slave and get them into subspace, you should eventually pick things up that are not in their best interests long term. If they are sure they want to do something extreme and you use common judgement, go all at it. If it looks like they are having an inner battle on a personal level, change course.


2.give them what they pay for. (I cant stand when subs get ripped off and another slave comes along to say, “oh well its better in his wallet anyway) instead of speaking up. YOURE making the problem worse too. 


3.DONT do something they ask you not to do. Other subs hear about others being disrespected beyond the realm of BDSM, and they become scared making the problem worse. Dont be posting personal info to be sure vindictive. Youre a terrible dom if you do that. Nobody wants to engage in a fun but near risky adventure when the first thing they think of is fear and broken trust.


4.Don’t go knocking on a subs door asking for a session, it looks desperate. Most of the time its quite irritating... like leaving a saucer of milk for a stray cat only to have it harass you every morning. Not all subs are cash cows, and wish to indulge on their own terms. A sub that wants to serve you will come to you.



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