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This took place sometime in the summer of 2016 when sessions with Aaron started. I had posted some pics here on dominants, chatted with slaves on Skype, and checking my grindr account occasionally which stated my skills as a Financial Dom and looking for cash subs.

I’m sure its something most masters don’t think about, but Grindr is an excellent tool for reeling in real times for subs who would never except to find a cash master in their area. Many of my realtime videos are mostly from slaves I’ve encounterd meeting on there. I had my listing as leather, which would attract dark minded subs into getting abused. I mainly have questions asking what financial domination is. I get tons of random dick and ass pics, you all know what I’m talking about. BLOCK.

Much of my regular subs come from grindr, and this one in particular is one of them. The night I was posting photos and video editing in June when I had gotten a message from a profile with a blue sky that said “CashPig.” I looked at his profile with found no age or photo (how typical) and realized he was only 1 mile away from me. My girlfriend at the time was playing mario on my Wii U as I told her what was going on. She laughed and said “fucking destroy him babe.”

We had talked about his fetish for findom, and how he was bored serving guys on twitter and youtube. I asked him what some of his darkest and kinkiest fantasies were. Apparently Aaron was into exhibitionism and jerking off in public. “I jerk off in all kinds of places sir. Malls, Public bathrooms, parks, outdoors in the woods. I feel so dumb and stupid.” I responded back, knowing that many subs into reckless behavior have a thing for indecent exposure. “Have you ever been afraid of someone calling the police?” I got a message back in blue, “Yes sir, the thought of being arrested turns me on. I can’t help but stare at their uniforms and black boots.”

I typed back “So what about findom turns you on?”  “EVERYTHING SIR! I’ve gone bankrupt twice already. Do you like to party?” He seemed a little bit eccentric and all over the place. “I used to do psychedelic drugs but not anymore. However I love to intoxicate many subs, as it makes it easier for me to take advantage of and do horrible things to them.”

“Thats fucking hot sir, I’m a meth pig. You don’t drink at all?” I responded back, “All I do is smoke weed and prescription pills proscribed to me. Drink once in a blue moon. I’ve had a lot of meth pigs actually, many of them are popper pigs.” He sent me a pic of him snorting poppers, finally showing his face. “I Love poppers sir, I use them when getting drained on the internet. I’ve always wanted to get drained in person.” Bingo, we had hit the part of the conversation I wanted to elaborate on.

I gave him my phone number and gave him my paypal to prove he’s serious. He responded and I realized he had an iPhone too as I could see messages in blue. He asked for my email and I received a notification saying I had received $100. WOW he was serious! “I have this one fantasy sir, I want to walk to an ATM late at night as you rob me in the middle of the night.”

I asked what bank he had, as most banks had an ATM withdrawal limit of $500. I have chase bank and always have. Turns out he did as well. It was perfect because there was a Chase ATM walkable that let you pull out any type of bills other then $20s. It could also take instant cash to be put right into your checking account.

“I Want you to be ruthless and not give a fuck about me sir. This sounds like it will be fun. How long have you been a cash dom sir.” He started typing something else but stopped so I responded, “I’ve been in different scenes online for 6 years, worked for porn studios, and have been a full financial dom for about 4 years now. Are you into feet at all Aaron?”

“YESSSSS Sir!! I like how your profile says you wear a size 12. I want to lick and sniff your shoes while you drain me at the ATM. I can meet you at the chase in 30 minutes.” I told amanda where I was going and started to walk to the ATM.

When he approached (I had mace that my gf normally kept in her purse, as it was 2AM in the morning) he looked like a meth addict. He had missing teeth, very unpleasant to look at, and wearing a track suit. Tall white guy just looking fried out of his mind. He was walking towards me carrying some type of stool. “It’s your stool to sit on sir while I get on the ground like the mindless faggot that I am. You are an alpha God after all!”

I sat on the stool facing the ATM as he got on the ground taking hold of one of my Osiris Hightops. I spit on him and told me to give me his fucking debit card. He pulled out a meth pipe and some type of blow torch out of a bag. I slid the debit card into the machine and told him to pull out his poppers and sniff for 10 seconds. He put down his meth pipe and did just that, telling me his pin number without me asking.

I told him to lift the fat tongues to my sneaks and sniff inside as I punched in his pin. I looked at his balance and got hard immediately seeing how much this cash fag had in his checking. I took out 500 all at once in Ben Franklins. As the cash poured out he started grabbing his cock through his pants as I kicked him in the face. “You Did NOT get permission to touch yourself you fucking moron!” He quivered in sub space as the sound of the machine made a whirring sound spitting out 5 $100 Bills. I kicked him in the face to the ground and told him to get the fuck outta my face. He looked shocked and told me he had a credit card he could withdraw from also. I told him to hit me up tomorrow as I had a lady waiting at home and had other slaves to drain as I had acquired control over a 5th checking account.


He text me 20 hours later saying he needed to be cash fucked again. He asked me if he could please cum this time, and If I could milk him slower as the sound of the ATM drove him over the edge. We met up once again and he showed up with the bar stool. I told him to leave it on the ground as I had a better idea. I told him to lay flat on the ground on his back. He Used his blow torch on his meth pipe and took a long hit, holding it and exhaling as I stepped on top of him. I had one of my sneaks on his forehead and one on his balls, after I stomped hard on the faggot before doing so. I told him to sniff his poppers and hand me his debit card again. “Yes sir” he moaned as he sniffed for 10 seconds (he surely was a pro!)

I stomped on him over and over as I slid the card into the machine over and over as he grunted moaning “thank you for robbing me sir!” I spit on him and told him to shut the fuck up as I ended in his pin number and pulled out $300. He moaned again “Smash my balls and face sir!” He screamed as the light of a car washed over us as it drove by. I told him to sniff for another 12 seconds and told him I was going to hit his limit once again of $500, totaling 1 Grand in 24 hours. But obviously tonight wasn’t over yet as I had more wallet fucking to do here. “This is so much fucking hotter then those online sessions I’m used to sir” he said handing me his credit card. I pulled out $200, totaling $700 that night not caring about the higher interest rates. I then inserted my own card and deposited all the cash I had just robbed from him. I told him I would be holding onto his cards.

“Don’t I get to get off sir?” I stomped on his balls and told him that the slow mind fuck was the best part, and that he would meet me again in 24 hours. “Yes Sir.” I laughed and spit on him again and told him to oink that he’s a cash and meth pig. He oinked over and over as he said “Im a cash and meth pig, Im a cash and meth pig, Im a cash and METH PIG!!!” He had lost his mind and continued screaming in the dead of the night as I walked away.


The next night He told me he had already fixed the balance for his credit card and found his time with me more exciting and fun then he’s ever had with any Dom in general. We met up an hour later then usual, around 3 AM. He came in the same clothes as the night before and reached horribly. “I smell like a dirty pig sir.” I slapped him across the face for not being presentable to my liking and in my presence, catching him by surprise. I then instructed him to take out his poppers again and sniff for just 5 seconds this time.

I sat on the stool as he got on his knees. I slid the card in as I told him to barely lower his jeans to where his dick was sticking out. He started masterbating out in the open in front of a bank where any car could see from the main road. I punched in his card and pulled out another $500, as he started jerking off faster as the sound of the machine started whirring again. I held his poppers to his nose and leaned forward as he was licking my shoes clean like an idiot. Another car passed by with the beams covering our entire body lighting up exactly what he was doing. What he was doing was highly illegal. All I was doing was pulling out MY cash while this loser was doing his own thing. I was now inserting his credit card as two more cars  passed pulling out another $400. One honked its horn as the ATM and the both of us were ablaze with light.

He reached with his other hand and sniffed his poppers for 12 seconds as I spit in his face and told him to shoot his faggot load and that he had been rinsed of $900, total of $3100 in 3 nights. “Thank you for robbing me sir. Tomorrow night I want to go beyond my limits and do something crazy!” He shot his load on the pavement as ANOTHER car drove by and honked.


The last night we met, I had been texting for two hours about various other fetishes and my life as a dom over the years. I told him stories that got excited. We decided to FaceTime as he puffed on his meth pipe. I laughed at the fact that several cars had been passing us the night before. I asked what would he do if he had gotten arrested. “I would love it sir, the thought of strong officers locked me in cuffs and having them talk shit to me is so hot.” Now this may sound fucked up, but is he anymore fucked up then the cash fags?

“If I get arrested sir, I have friends to bail me out. However please feel free to keep draining my bank account with that debit card as you please.” This man was a fucking idiot!! After talking for so long, it was late and we ended up meeting by the Chase Atm at 3:47 AM. He brought the stool once again. As I sat on it I lit a cigarette and told him to take my shoes off with his teeth. He hesitated as he took out his meth pipe once again and lit the torch huffing away. He then did so while holding his poppers to his nose as I was already typing in his pin.

I flicked my ashes at his face and told him to suck the sweat out of my socks as the familiar sound of “whirring” made that beautiful sound once again as the machine spit out $300 out. He started sucking on my socks as if there was juice inside, even though it was pure boy sweat. I laughed at him, “YOURE A FUCKING MORON. You’ve now lost $3400 in 4 nights you dumb faggot!” He sniffed his poppers again keeping his mouth near my toes continuing to swallow every job of men scent.

“Those holes in your socks are so fucking hot sir. I love sniffing inside the holes when I put my nose through. May I take off my shirt sir?” I burned my cigarette on his back, burning his shirt and making him scream in the middle of the night. He quickly took it off and afterwords I instructed him to hit his meth pipe again. He did so without any hesitation and said “Thank you for draining me sir. I’m so fucked up in the head sir.” I then instructed him to take my socks off with teeth as I pulled out another $200 from his debit card, hitting his daily withdrawal limit once again.

I put his debit card in my wallet and once again pulled out his credit card. He started sniffing his poppers and took his jeans and boxers fully off, being butt naked on the pavement except his socks and shoes along with his rollex around his wrist. He started jerking off furiously as both of my bare size 12s were staring him right in the face as I was cash fucking the shit out of him. “THANK YOU FOR ROBBING ME SIR” he screamed as he sniffed my toes hard while licking my bare heels as I moaned myself sliding the credit card inside the machine.

Several cars drove by with lights filling the dark ATM ablaze with light once again. Tonight many were driving by. He was jerking off even faster as he began sucking on my toes. The machine once again made that beautiful sound ejecting another $500 in cold hard cash. As I saw a car light approved and stay still i quickly picked my shoes up and slid them on and tossing my socks in the waste bin next to us.

Soon blue and red lights filled the wall to the Chase bank as two officers approached flashing their lights on me standing at the ATM casually putting MY cash inside my bank account. The officers scanned the scene and one yelled “WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING? WHERE ARE YOUR CLOTHES YOU SICK FAGGOT?” I turned around and told the officers this man was harassing me and had stripped in front of me. I needed to take care of financial business and he was just sitting here smoking meth.

The officers thanked me for all the info they needed, and held Aaron against the cop car and told he he was under arrest. While being dragged to the car Aaron started bucking his  hips into the car door and asked to please service their feet like a dumb faggot. One officer screamed at him quite shocked.

He kept chanting he’s a dumb faggot as they forced him inside the car and slammed the door. I walked home casually with a smile on my face. He had a fantasy for being arrested and finally got to live out that fantasy. For some reason I thought it was hot watching the cops pull away as I left the parking lot. I didnt feel bad because he had told me he had friends to bail him out. The experience was a blast. I will never forget it.


(Coming next, "Brooke, Spoiled Rich Party Girl"






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First time posting 2 long read memories in one night. :-)
Holy f***. This story is hot and well written. The conclusion is of course no surprise but all the same very hot. I DO LOVE your blogs, Ma$ter KriS.
The conclusion is that he recklessly lost thousands within 4 nights. He seemed very happy and on cloud 9 as those cops pulled up. Literally wrote this all in one sitting after talking to my ex girlfriend on the phone tonight. Memories came flooding back.
Error corrected blah.
fucking hot! must have been a blast seeing the fag hauled away by the cops
Oh yes. I felt bad on my human side but my sadistic dom side enjoyed every moment watching him humiliate himself at the end.... He did say it was one major fantasy to be arrested.